Could YOU pass the driving theory test? Two in three experienced motorists would fail... and the biggest stumbling block is basic road signs

An article has been released from Mail Online today about post-test drivers and their lack of knowledge about basic rules of the road and traffic signs. Read the full article here.

The results of a survey conducted by an insurer show that two out of three experienced motorists would fail the driving theory test if they took it now.

#PASSEDFACE competition winners announced

Earlier this month we launched #PASSEDFACE, a social media competition celebrating the joy of passing the driving theory or practical test.

Today we’re pleased to announce the winner of the competition as Amy Russell. Amy will receive a £100 high street shopping voucher, while the runners up, Joe Morrison and Lea Hollingworth, will receive a £50 high street voucher and a set of Pac-Man Racers, respectively.

We’d like to thank everyone who took part, and congratulate you all on passing your theory and/or practical tests.

The winning photos are below:


Show us your #PASSEDFACE

How did you feel the last time you passed an important test? Was it joy, elation, or perhaps relief?

Whatever the feeling, we want to capture that ‘just passed’ moment with our new #PASSEDFACE competition.

#PASSEDFACE launches on 15th October to 31st October 2014. Entry is open to everyone who is taking or has recently taken the driving theory or practical test (all vehicles are included).