‘Travel like you know them’ with the new THINK! road safety campaign

In this blog we explore THINK!'s mega-important new campaign. You'll find out how to 'travel like you know them' and help make the roads a safer place for everybody.

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The top three most difficult theory test app questions

In this blog you'll discover the most difficult theory test app questions and pick up some tips for preparing for the live test.

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How to avoid fines at box junctions

In this blog we look at box junctions. You'll find out what they are, how they help traffic to flow in busy areas and how to avoid misusing them.


How to pass the theory test

This week, driving instructor Annie Winterburn has some great advice for you if you’re struggling to pass your theory test.

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Seven tips for safe driving in summer

In this blog we look at seven tips to keep you driving safely in summer.

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How the ‘Dutch reach’ can help you become a safer driver

In this blog we look at the ‘Dutch reach’ technique. You’ll find out what it is and how you can use it to become a better driver.

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Inappropriate speed – what it is and how to avoid it

In this blog we take a look at the dangers of inappropriate speed. You'll learn how managing it protects you and other road users.


How to avoid driving tired

In this blog we’ll look at the way that tiredness affects driving and explore ways that you can stay alert and reach your destination safely.

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Understanding the dangers of Drink Driving

In this blog we’ll look at the impact alcohol has on your driving. We’ll also explore what drink driving means for you and other road users.

Cyclist with helmet and high visiblity waistcoat checks over their shoulder for safety.

The importance of being seen for cyclists

In this blog we discuss how cyclists can stay safe and be seen by other road users.


Cycling safely – a rider’s perspective

In this post, guest blogger Ben talks about what it’s like to ride on the UK’s roads from a cyclist’s point of view.


Are you ready to pass your driving test?

In this blog we'll explore DVSA's free Ready to Pass resources for learner drivers.

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Are you confused by traffic signs?

In this blog we'll explore how to build your knowledge of traffic signs. We'll also signpost you to some great resources to help you prepare for your theory test.

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Top 5 reasons to get your full motorcycle licence

In this blog we’ll look at why getting a full motorcycle licence is important.

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Why distracted driving affects your safety

In this blog we’ll explore distracted driving. Find out how it can affect your safety and what you can do to avoid it.

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Passing the theory test with Special Educational Needs

In this blog, Gordon shares his experience of using the official DVSA eLearning to pass his theory test.

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I’ve been in a collision…what do I do next?

In this post we’ll talk about what happens when you’re involved in a collision. We’ll look at what to do, what to say, and who you need to contact.

Car travelling toward camer with motion blur, day.

Tailgating explained – what it is and how to spot it

When other vehicles get too close to your rear bumper they're tailgating. Find out how to deal with tailgaters, and how to stop yourself from tailgating, in this blog.

Learner plate positioned on rear of a red car

How to beat anxiety on your driving test

In this blog, Cat tells us about the challenges she faced during her driving test and gives us some great advice about how she overcome them.

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How to control your driving test nerves

In this post, guest blogger Diane from L of a way 2 Pass shows how emotions can affect your ability to drive safely and confidently on the day of your driving test.

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Compulsory Basic Training and me...Samantha’s story

In this blog, Samantha talks about what inspired her to learn to ride, gives us some excellent tips on preparing for compulsory basic training (CBT) and talks us through what happened on the big day!

Learner Motorcycle on road

What you need to know about CBT

Follow Jess as she shares her experience of Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). You’ll learn about proper prep, what happens on the day and what to consider next.


The Highway Code and the New Hierarchy of Road Users

In this blog, we'll take a look at an important change to the Highway Code and give you the lowdown on how the new rules improve safety for everyone.

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