Beware of deer while driving

Over 2 million wild deer live in Britain, so drivers need to be alert. Find out which signs to look out for, and what to do if you find one in the road.


Blind spots and how to deal with them

What are blind spots and how do they affect your driving? In this blog, we look at how to check your blind spots when you're moving off and when you're on the move.


Drug-driving behaviour: what users believe and the truth

People do not know that drug-driving affects safety. They do not think about the consequences and legal penalties. We expose the myths and reveal the truth.


Tips from driving examiners: dress for comfort on test day!

A driving examiner provides useful tips on what to wear for your practical driving test. You do not need to dress to impress – it's all about your comfort.


What's the speed limit and how to work it out?

How to tell the speed limit quickly and safely. Includes the national speed limit, residential areas, and single and dual carriageways.


Drug driving and the law: being stopped and penalties

What the law says about drug driving. Covers prescription and illegal drugs, what happens if you're stopped and what the penalties are.


Five steps to preparing to drive in icy weather

Follow our 5-step guide and get prepared for winter driving. Learn how to clear the windscreen safely and understand the importance of journey planning.


The V5C: what is it and why is it important?

Learn about the V5C – the document that registers your vehicle with DVSA. Find out why it's important, especially when you're buying a car.


More tips for driving test success: get your car ready!

An ex-driving instructor and examiner provides tips on getting your car ready for the driving test. Also covers the role of the driving examiner.


An examiner's tale: fault assessment explained

A driving examiner explains fault assessment and the practical driving test. What is it? How many types are there? When are faults awarded? Learn more with two great examples.


Eight top tips for safe driving in winter

In this blog, we'll look at 8 tips for safer driving this winter. On the way, you'll learn to manage risk by using screenwash, high-vis clothing and light checks.

car with wet windscreen.jpg

Wet weather driving

As we experience driving in more extreme weather conditions, here are some checks that will help you to prepare for heavy rain.


A guide to zebra, puffin, pelican and toucan crossings

In this blog, we cover the differences between different kinds of crossings. We discuss how they work, which use lights, and who can use them.


Where's your head at? How tiredness can affect your driving

We discuss the importance of sleep and how a lack of it can affect our health. We look at how tiredness can affect your driving, and provide tips on staying safe.


Attitude adjustment leads to better, safer driving

How emotions can affect your driving and what happens to your brain when you're upset. How to manage your emotions and attitude to stay safe.


Where's your head at? Inattentional blindness, driving and phones

In this blog, we describe what inattentional blindness is, and why it's relevant when we drive and use mobile phones. Covers concentration and and distractions.


A driving examiner explains the effects of medicine on driving

Can taking medicine and driving be as dangerous as drink and drug driving? Find out and learn how 'beneficial' medication could affect your driving.


Driving examiners give advice about flashing headlights

What happened when a car flashed its headlights at a candidate during a driving test? We look at The Highway Code rules 110 and 111 and what you need to know about flashing headlights.


Examiners explain what they do during your driving test

A driving examiner explains what they do when you take your practical driving test, and gives some advice on making the most of your test experience.


Tips from driving examiners: it's about the journey

Often, when we drive, we just think about getting to our destination. This blog focuses on how to make the most of the journey and stay safe.


An examiner's tale: time is (not) on our side!

Our driving examiner explains the importance of being ready for your test. Learn how your documents and your ADI can help make sure the test runs on time!

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