More tips for driving test success - don’t forget to bring a car!

I spent 18 years as a driving instructor, but moved over to the ‘dark side’ to become an examiner eight years ago. As an instructor, one question I was frequently asked by my learners was ‘What will the test instructor’s car be like?’

Firstly, I’d tell the learner that there’s no such thing as a ‘test instructor’; there are driving instructors (those who teach) and there are driving examiners (those who test). One person cannot be both.


An examiner’s tale - fault assessment explained

I’d like to tell you something every candidate wonders about: how a driving test is assessed. Some people think it’s cloaked in mystery and that we examiners form a secret society, unwilling to share our assessment knowledge. It’s not like that at all: I’m happy to tell you everything I can if it helps you to relax and trust that we’re here to help.


Could YOU pass the driving theory test? Two in three experienced motorists would fail... and the biggest stumbling block is basic road signs

An article has been released from Mail Online today about post-test drivers and their lack of knowledge about basic rules of the road and traffic signs. Read the full article here.

The results of a survey conducted by an insurer show that two out of three experienced motorists would fail the driving theory test if they took it now.