Hand holding a smartphone beside a parked car.

How to ignore your mobile phone when driving

Using your mobile phone when driving is dangerous and against the law. We look at why it's unsafe and provide tips on how to ignore it.

Young male with female passenger, driving, day.

How conversations can distract you while you drive

Safe driving means learning how to manage distractions. In this blog, we show you the dangers of listening to your passengers and give you top tips for staying focused on the road.

In-car entertainment controls, volume being adjusted by hand.

A guide to safe driving while listening to music

Music can be a distraction and affect your driving style. We provide tips on how you can listen to music safely while you drive.

Motorway surrounded by snowy conditions.

Driving in severe weather: be prepared and be aware

Prepare to drive in severe weather with expert advice from Highways England. Find out what to carry with you and where to look for weather and traffic updates.

Night, busy city traffic, time-lapsed to create headlight blur.

Five things to remember when the clocks go back

Five essential tips for avoiding accidents after the clocks go back. Find out how vehicle care, getting your lights on early and a full washer bottle can help keep you safe.

Girl handling seatbelt clip into position.

How to dodge drinking as the designated driver

Read this guide to understand the penalties of drink driving. Get some some great tips for enjoying a night out without the beer.

School patrol roadsign, day.

Slowing down and driving safely near schools

We explore the importance of managing your speed near schools. Learn how to spot children stepping into the road and get some great tips on driving near school buses.

Low sun in a residential street.

Beat the dazzle: a useful guide to buying sunglasses

Sunglasses can help you to drive safely on sunny days. This blog explores the EU standards for sunglasses and gives you tips on buying a pair with a suitable tint.

Congestion charge ending sign, bus exits.

Top strategies for successful city driving

We provide useful strategies for successful city driving. They include planning your journey, keeping a safe separation distance and how to control anxiety.

Car waiting at traffic lights at dusk in a town.

Can I use my mobile phone at traffic lights?

Learn whether it's legal to use your mobile phone when you're driving. We explain The Highway Code rules and give you strategies for a safe, legal journey.

Cabin view over shoulder of learner and instructor waiting at roundabout.

Tips from driving examiners: the cost of learning to drive

We look at how much it costs to learn to drive and pass your practical driving test, why the cost varies, and the importance of practice.

Hard-shoulder highways works with bollards and signage, day.

The hard shoulder. When can I stop on it, and what do I do?

When can (and can't) you stop on a hard shoulder? We look at rules 264 and 275 of The Highway Code, the rules on smart motorways, and what to do if you have to stop …

Female hand holding tyre-gauge against tyre to measure its pressure.

The importance of checking your tyres

Why is checking your tyres important? We highlight the dangers of damaged tyres and explain how to perform weekly fault checks.

Oil dip stick held and checked against white cloth over engine.

Why checking the oil level is important

Learn to check the oil level and keep your car running smoothly. Read our guide and prepare for the 'tell me' part of the practical driving test!

Over shoulder of driver, approaching brow of hill, day.

The practical driving test: understanding the independent drive

A driving examiner covers everything you need to know about the independent driving part of the practical driving test: what it is and what you need to know.

Man positions bikes beside roof-box on roof of car.

Your complete guide to roof-rack safety

Loose items on your roof rack can have serious consequences. Get roof rack and loading safety tips from our Safe Driving for Life experts.

Illuminated motorway sign, queue caution, traffic passing below, day.

Rubbernecking and distracted driving dangers

What's rubbernecking and what does it mean for drivers? Learn why traffic builds up on both carriageways and why it's best to keep looking at your side of the road.

Busy car park, day.

Ten steps to keeping your vehicle and its contents safe

We provide tips to keep your vehicle and its contents secure. Plus information on Parkmark, Vehicle Watch and the National Mobile Property Register.

L-plate on back of car.

Translations of DVSA learning to drive materials

Find information about the people who can provide translations of DVSA material into foreign languages, and their products.

Busy car park, day.

It took me 4 days to find a parking space!

Do not spend 4 days a year looking for a parking space! Read our top tips and beat parking stress by journey planning, using accredited car parks and practising your parking.

Female driver parking.

Why does car insurance cost so much for young drivers?

The cost of car insurance for young drivers. We explain how insurers work out their prices, and give tips to help lower the cost of your insurance.

Disabled female driver manoeuvres herself between her vheicle and wheel chair.

Disabilities and the car driver practical test

Learn about the adjustments for disabled practical test candidates. Clearly explains the process of booking your test, what types of help you could get and how to get in touch.

Lady's reflection in rear view mirror.

Can thoughts and feelings affect the way that you drive?

Discover how thoughts and feelings affect your ability to drive safely. Learn about driver behaviour and distraction. Develop self-reflection strategies for better driving.

Night, busy city traffic, time-lapsed to create headlight blur.

Successful strategies for safe driving at night

Driving at night means reduced visibility. Learn how staying alert, watching your speed and keeping your windscreen clean can help you stay safe and judge distances correctly.

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