Drug-driving behaviour...what users believe and the truth

Earlier this year we told you about the new drug-driving law that came into effect on 2 March. It was one of our most popular blog pieces ever, so you might also want to know about some research that’s recently been done on drug users and their beliefs about drug-driving.

Beware of the Deer

As we’ve blogged recently about safe driving on country roads, we thought it would be a good idea to follow up with a subject that deserves a post all of its own. Yes, it’s time to talk about deer.

Where's your head at?

Are you blind or what?

I love my mobile phone

If you’re anything like my kids (who are 16 and 18), the only time you’ll be physically separated from your phone is when you’re submerged in water – in the shower, the bath, the swimming pool or the sea. Any other time, it’ll be somewhere about your person and you’ll be taking a sneaky peek.


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