Are you ready to pass your driving test?


Published 17 March 2023
Last updated 17 March 2023

In this blog we'll explore DVSA's free Ready to Pass resources for learner drivers.

Have you read the Official DVSA Guide to Better Driving? If you have, you’ll know that it can be easy to think that you’re driving better than you really are.*

This doesn’t just affect experienced motorists; it’s also a problem for people at the beginning of their driving lives.

For example, the following story might feel familiar to you. Let’s imagine that you’ve just had a good lesson with your driving instructor. You felt good, you listened, you were confident (but not too confident!) at the wheel. You made excellent decisions and showed control of the vehicle. When you got to the end of the lesson, you felt ready to take the practical test.

Then your instructor says: ‘Well done – you’ve really improved since we started working together. But there’s still plenty to do.’

At this point you might wonder what’s going on. Surely, you’re ready for the open road? Your full licence is so close, but now it feels like you’re starting again.

Don’t be disheartened – this is all part of learning to drive.

Driving instructors are road safety experts. They know when you’re ready to take your test and when you need more practice. They are your greatest resource, so make sure you talk to them. They will help you to make realistic judgements about your test readiness and give you the tools to overcome any problems with your driving.

The worst thing that can happen is that you realise you have more work to do. But that’s better than the disappointment of failing your test because you took it too early.

The Ready to Pass Campaign…

So, we know that passing the driving test gives you independence and freedom. But we also know that many learner drivers take their test too early, leading to disappointment, extra costs and delays to getting on the road. Well, we have some good news. DVSA’s Ready to Pass website is here to help learners get test ready. It’s full of fantastic resources, including a nifty “ready to take the test checklist” and some great tips on managing nerves. You’ll also discover why mock tests are important and get a bunch of links to helpful blogs and advice…what’s not to like?

And don’t forget, the Safe Driving for Life shop stocks all the official DVSA learning materials, including Learning to Drive, The Official Theory Test and Hazard Perception Kit eLearning and The Official DVSA Guide to Driving – the essential skills.

*The boffins say that it’s called optimism bias!

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