‘Travel like you know them’ with the new THINK! road safety campaign


Published 11 September 2023
Last updated 11 September 2023

In this blog we explore THINK!'s mega-important new campaign. You'll find out how to 'travel like you know them' and help make the roads a safer place for everybody.


Today I would like to introduce you to the idea of adopting a new mindset when out and about on the roads.

I want you to imagine your loved one comes home in a bit of a state. Maybe your boyfriend has been to work on his motorbike and on the way home someone opened a car door into his path and he had to swerve to avoid being knocked off.

Or perhaps your mum had crossed a road junction on her walk to the shop and was forced to step back out of the way of a driver who didn’t give way to her.

How would you feel? I imagine it would be along the lines of worried, angry and upset with the driver.

Now think about when you drive. Are you ever guilty of passing a cyclist or horse rider too closely? How about failing to give way to a pedestrian clearly waiting to cross at a junction?

I bet if the cyclist, horse rider or pedestrian were your loved one you would have been considerate and done all you could to keep them safe.

Imagine how much safer and more pleasant the roads would be for everyone if all road users treated others like they knew them.

Travel Like You Know Them

For an even better idea of what we’re talking about, check out this brilliant video from our colleagues at THINK! Their campaign encourages drivers to think about other road users by ‘travelling like you know them’ – in other words, like they’re a mate, a colleague or a member of your family. After all, if it was your mum, your dad, your brother or your sister you’d be a bit more considerate, wouldn’t you?

The campaign is not just for car drivers though – it’s aimed squarely at everyone who uses the road, with a focus on those who have a greater responsibility to reduce the risk that they may pose to others. Or as THINK! put it themselves, it offers ‘a snapshot into the lives of everyday road users,’ that ‘aims to help people better understand each other and see more than vehicles on the road.’

More to THINK! about…

THINK! have all sorts of good stuff on their website, so be sure to zap over there and take a look. And don’t forget, there’re also plenty of great resources here on Safe Driving for Life, including the Official Highway Code. You can also get app versions of the same from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Until next time…

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