Come on England!! (Oh, and I hope your driving test goes well!)

When you’re coming up for your driving test, it becomes the principal focus – the be-all and end-all. The worry about whether you’ll pass can eclipse everything else in your life. That is, of course, unless you have something even BIGGER to worry about!

The World Cup has just started, so I’ll tell you a football-related story which shows a way you can pin your hopes on something other than the test, just to make it less stressful.

An examiner's tale: drug driving

Driving is sometimes dangerous. There, I’ve said it! It can be dangerous because of the huge number of unplanned things that may happen – a tyre might blow out or a child could run into your path from behind a van. Whatever the scenario, you’ll greatly reduce the chances of anyone actually getting hurt if you’re in good shape physically, mentally and emotionally.

Tips from Driving Examiners: Are you flashing at me?

This was a situation a candidate recently found herself in on test with me. Have a read and think about what you would have done in the same situation.

Picture the scene: the candidate, whose name is Emily, is driving well and we’re travelling along a winding residential road on a dry day. Vehicles are parked randomly on both sides of the road.

As the main road curves around to the left we approach some parked cars on the left, just before a narrow side road on the left.

Tips from Driving Examiners: Driving Examiners are Human

Firstly, let’s put things into perspective. You don’t owe the examiner anything. But because you’ve paid good money to DVSA, the examiner owes you a good test. That’s what we get paid for. We’re just ordinary people doing the job that we’re trained to do.

And we are ordinary people, just like you. We

Tips from Driving Examiners: It's About the Journey

It’s important to see driving as a skill, not just as a means of getting from A to B. When you’re driving safely, responsibly and with skill, then it’s an event in itself. To paraphrase the old saying: it’s about the journey, not just the destination.

Let’s say that you’re driving to the beach. It’s ten in the morning, the sun is shining, and the temperature is going to soar into the high twenties as the early afternoon approaches. As you’re driving along, what pictures do you have in your mind?

Tips from driving examiners: dress for comfort!

Mark Twain supposedly once said ‘clothes make the man’, meaning that people are judged by their appearance. Now, old Mark was a wise man, but he’s wrong when it comes to your driving test.Before I became a driving examiner with DVSA, I was a driving instructor and I remember one of my students who always wanted to drive dangerously fast. His idea of normal driving speeds was way in excess of what was safe or legal, and this was particularly scary given his limited driving experience.This young man – let’s call him Adam – also used to dress really scruffily.


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