Part 1 of our New Series of Top Tips for Preparing to Drive During the Winter Months

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In recent years, we haven’t had a lot of what you’d call a ‘traditional winter’. Most of the time, it’s been cold and wet, with occasional frosts. But whichever winter decides to show its face, you’re going to need to get your prep right before you take the car out. If you don’t, you could find yourself stuck, stranded or worse.

So, strap yourself in (rule number one – always strap yourself in!), and get ready for some winter driving top tips.

Flood, sweat and tears: the facts about flooding

AA graphic.png


We’re used to rain, right? Living in the UK, it sometimes feels like the downpour will never end and we need to start building that Ark.

Well, we’re now in the wettest period of the year (October to January), so it’s time to talk about how to drive when there are floods.

How to commute safely now the lockdown has eased

Driver of blue car checking their mirror travelling on a dual carriageway

The news that the government has eased lockdown restrictions means changes are coming on our journey back to normality. Soon you’ll be able to get your hair cut and enjoy socialising with your friends. And some of you will be able to drive into work every day. Oh, that last one doesn’t sound quite so good does it? Still, as my old dad used to say, work comes to us all and we just have to get on with it.


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