Our top 5 tips for driving test success

Waiting for driving test

Take a look at these 5 top tips to help you pass your driving test first time.

1. Make sure you’ve had enough lessons

It might sound obvious, but don’t take your driving test until you’re ready. Lots of people fail the driving test just because they haven’t taken enough lessons to pass. There’s no point in taking the driving test until your driving instructor says you’re ready. You’re likely to waste your time and money if you take it too soon.

Only 21% of driving tests result in a first time pass because people just aren’t ready.

Don’t worry if you think you should be making faster progress. On average it takes people 45 hours of driving lessons and 22 hours of practice with relatives or friends to learn to drive.

2.    Take a look at the top reasons people fail - and how to avoid them

You can find out the top 10 reasons that people fail the driving test (and how to avoid them) over on BuzzFeed.

If you’re regularly making these kinds of mistakes on your driving lessons, you’ll need more practice before you’re ready to pass your test.

3.    Keep your nerves under control

Almost everyone gets nervous about their driving test. Who wouldn’t? The driving examiner knows you’ll be nervous and will do their best to put you at your ease.

But to pass, you’ll need to keep your nerves under control. Try these things to help:

  • don’t book your test at a time when you know other stressful things are happening, like your exams
  • make sure you get a few good nights’ sleep before your test - you’ll feel more stressed if you’re tired
  • avoid too much caffeine before your test - it might make you feel jittery and nervous
  • talk to the examiner during the test if you want to – but remember that they might not say much because they don’t want to distract you from your driving
  • ask your examiner if there’s anything you’re not sure about - remember, they just want to make sure you’re safe on the road - they’re not trying to catch you out.

4.    Make sure you know how the test works

You might feel more relaxed if you know exactly how the test works.

Take a look at this video, or read the guide about what happens during the test.

5.    Make sure you take the right things to your driving test

Imagine you’ve been preparing for months, the big day has finally arrived and you get to the driving test centre…. only to realise you’ve left your driving licence at home.

Over 4,500 driving tests didn’t go ahead between April 2015 and March 2015 because people either didn’t take the right documents with them or took an unsuitable car.

Not only will your dreams of being able to drive later that day be dashed, but you’ll also have to have again for another test.

Make sure you’ve checked the list of what to take with you and that you’ve got everything with you on the day.