How to Make Way for Emergency Vehicles with Blue Light Aware

BLA city street making space.jpg

Welcome to Blue Light Aware!

If you’ve ever worried about the ‘correct’ way to respond to police cars, ambulances and fire engines, then you’re in luck. Our friends at GEM, Highways England and the emergency services have come up with some brilliant advice to help you work out what to do (and what not to do!) when you’re making way for an emergency vehicle.

The campaign consists of ten rather neat animations released every day from December the 1st until December the 14th.  You can either click on to social media to take a look, or visit the Blue Light Aware website for the main video and accompanying resources.

The animations cover the main situations where confusion occurs and provide loads of great tips to help you improve your skills, confidence and decision-making.

You’ll learn about:

1 Smart motorways
2 Traffic lights
3 Where to stop
4 Motorway breakdowns
5 Double white lines
6 Roundabouts
7 Vehicle in the carriageway
8 Motorways and dual carriageways
9 Rolling road blocks
10 Leaving enough space

So dive in and make sure that next time you encounter an emergency vehicle, you know how to respond safely.

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