Could YOU pass the driving theory test? Two in three experienced motorists would fail... and the biggest stumbling block is basic road signs

An article has been released from Mail Online today about post-test drivers and their lack of knowledge about basic rules of the road and traffic signs. Read the full article here.

The results of a survey conducted by an insurer show that two out of three experienced motorists would fail the driving theory test if they took it now.

Ensuring safe driving and riding for life is a key focus area for DVSA who work hard to ensure it is not just learner drivers and riders that are provided with good guidance, but the post-test market too.

Are you up-to-date on all the latest rules of the road? Do you know the traffic signs and what they mean? It is vital to know this information to stay safe on our roads. The handy reference books below will help you refresh your knowledge…

The Official DVSA Highway Code

Know Your Traffic Signs

The Official Highway Code

Know Your Traffic Signs

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Do you think you know your traffic signs? Take our quiz today and see if you pass!

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