Breakdowns and Incidents

Broken down car by the side of the road

We are pleased to announce the release of the new DVSA, Safe Driving for Life Breakdowns and Incidents miniguide.  Packed full of essential information, it includes sections on dealing with road traffic incidents and important, practical advice about what to do if you breakdown - all in one bite-sized eBook. To make sure you get all the information you need, there’s also links out to useful resources and a host of “top tips” designed to keep you on the move.

5 reasons to download it –

  • Keeping you safe - Make sure you know how to stay safe if you breakdown or are involved in an incident
  • It’s the law  - Arm yourself with the knowledge to keep your vehicle roadworthy with our guide to current legislation and basic maintenance 
  • Essential checks - Find out more about why oil, coolant and tyre tread checks are so important
  • Know what to do - Learn more about how to handle a breakdown on motorways or dual carriageways
  • For everyone – Indispensable advice for all drivers – whether you’re learning to drive or you’ve been driving for years.

The Breakdowns and Incidents miniguide is available to download now from Amazon (Kindle) and iBooks (iPad), so you can read it using any compatible device wherever you are.

Learning to drive doesn’t stop when you pass your test

The DVSA Safe Driving for Life eBooks are a great way to keep up-to-date and refresh your driving knowledge. From Motorway Driving to Winter Driving, there really is something for everyone. These eBooks are available from your device’s store on iBooks and Kindle.

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The DVSA Safe Driving for Life miniguide series - learning and advice for your life on the road from DVSA – the people who set the Driving Standards.

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Interesting facts and figures about breakdowns in the UK. Download the Breakdowns and Inicidents infographic.