Driver and passenger safety

If you’re carrying passengers, you’ll need to check that they’re safe before you start your journey. As the driver, you’re responsible for everyone in your vehicle.

Seat belts

If there are seat belts fitted in your vehicle, you must use them unless you have a medical exemption certificate or you’re travelling less than 50 metres while making deliveries or collections. All heavy goods vehicles (HLGVs) registered since 1 October 2001 must have seatbelts fitted.

Head restraints

Adjust your head restraint so it’s the right height for you, if there’s one in your vehicle. The widest part of the restraint should be in line with the top of your ears. Using a head restraint correctly can help prevent neck injuries in a crash.

Passenger distractions

Passengers in your vehicles can be very distracting. It’s your responsibility to keep them safe so make sure they do not distract you. This could involve

  • asking your passengers to be quiet or to turn down music
  • making sure you do not drive irresponsibly because of something a passenger has said or done
  • stopping the vehicle so you can sort out any problems before you carry on with your journey.

Never allow your passengers to put pressure on you to drive dangerously or show off.

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