Motorway Driving - DVSA Safe Driving for Life Series ebook



This guide provides the latest advice and information on how to drive safely and confidently on UK motorways. Make sure you know how to tackle difficult driving conditions and what to do if you break down or are involved in an incident.

It also explains the new rules on learner drivers being allowed on UK motorways.

Five reasons to buy it:

  1. Keep yourself safe – refresh your driving knowledge. Make sure you know the rules of the motorway to keep yourself and others safe
  2. Stay up to date – this guide contains the latest information on smart motorways (formerly active traffic management or managed motorways) from Highways England
  3. It's the law – explains key Highway Code rules that MUST be obeyed to avoid fines, penalty points, disqualification or even prison
  4. For learnersthis guide will help learner drivers and explain the new rules allowing them to drive on UK motorways from 4 June 2018
  5. When things go wrong – explains what to do if your vehicle breaks down on the motorway, and how to deal with an incident or emergency

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