How well do you know your traffic signs?

Car at stop sign.jpg

We all see and respond to road signs every day, but how good is your road signs knowledge?

Sign of the times 

Well, our boffins have been looking at the theory test results* and they’ve discovered that learners really struggle to answer questions about ‘signs and road markings’. 

So, let’s look at why you need to know this stuff. Firstly, it’s in the theory test, right? And you should know and understand all the topic areas before you take your test. 

Secondly, have a quick think about the road signs you see when you’re driving. Can you honestly say that you know what all of them mean?  And if you don’t, is it important? 

Sign language

The answer is that out there in the real world, it really pays to know what you’re looking at. Think about this: suppose you’re driving through a village and you come to the end of a 30mph speed limit. At that point, you’d see the following sign:

National Speed Limit Sign.png

You might know that it means ‘national speed limit applies’. But if you really *understand* that sign you’ll get what it’s telling you and adjust your speed accordingly.

Basically, you may drive at the *legally permitted maximum speed* - if it’s safe to do so. But that may not be the best speed to travel at in the circumstances. Roads that connect villages are often narrow, windy and the visibility can be poor. So know you traffic signs, and save yourself from speed disasters! 

Signs of improvement

That was just one example, but we could have pulled out many more. Fortunately, your chums at Safe Driving for Life have the perfect answer. For a quick refresher, try out our whizzy new road signs quiz.  It’ll give you a good idea of the gaps in your knowledge, and set you up for more detailed revision and practice. 

If you want more (and surely everyone wants more?!), consider picking up a copy of Know Your Traffic Signs. It’s absolutely stuffed with information about all the most important traffic signs and is an essential revision tool for those of you who are studying for your theory tests!