Driving a taxi for a living

What to expect as a taxi driver

Working as a taxi driver gives you the chance to meet a wide range of people. As well as being a safe and experienced driver, you’ll need to be

  • friendly and polite
  • able to remain calm when traffic is bad or a passenger is difficult
  • able to handle money
  • aware of the local area and have a good sense of direction.

Most taxi drivers are self-employed, giving you the chance to choose when to work. However, peak times tend to be late evenings and weekends so you may need to work at unsociable hours.

Your salary will depend on how many hours you work and at what time of day. The salary if you’re working full time can vary from £10,000–£30,000 a year (pre-Covid19 estimate).

As a taxi driver, your passengers will rely on you to get them safely, efficiently and comfortably to their destination. This may include helping them in and out of your vehicle and helping with luggage.

Professional drivers should always set an example to other road users by driving with courtesy and consideration.

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