After you pass your test

Congratulations, you’ve got your full licence! Enjoy your new freedom but remember that passing your driving test does not mean you know everything: it’s the first step in learning to be a skilled driver. You’ll keep learning as long as you’re driving.

Now that you’re on the road on your own, be careful you do not slip into bad habits. The way you’ve been taught to drive is the safest way to drive.

It’s a fact that new drivers are most likely to be involved in incidents on the road, so make sure you follow the Safety code for new drivers on GOV.UK. It’s designed to help keep you safe in the first year after you pass your test.

Motorway driving

Although you’ll have learned about driving on a motorway, as a learner driver your experience will be limited. Find out more about motorway driving. You could also ask your instructor for a motorway driving lesson so you can get some experience before driving on a motorway on your own.

Weather conditions

You’re also likely to find yourself driving in weather conditions that you have not driven in before. Take care when driving in conditions you're not familiar with.

Keep learning

When you’ve got your full licence, there are advanced driving skills you can start to learn. As well as making you safer as a driver, doing extra training can give you discounts on car insurance. See our Further training advice for more information.

The Official DVSA Guide to Driving – the essential skills is a really useful reference book to help you improve your skills and remind you about what you learned before you passed your test.

Driving with friends

It’s great being able to drive with your friends, but make sure you keep concentrating on your driving. If your friends want you to do something that could be dangerous, remember that you’re responsible for your driving: if you drive recklessly or carelessly, you could end up with penalty points on your licence or cause a serious crash.

If your passengers are making it difficult for you to drive safely, find somewhere safe to stop. Explain to them why what they’re doing is causing a problem and ask them to help you by behaving properly, or to get out of the car. If you cannot drive safely, do not carry on with your journey.

Watch the DVSA ‘Out of time’ video for a reminder about how dangerous distractions can be.

Being able to drive makes it easier for you to go out for a drink or to a party with friends. It’s only fair to take it in turns to be the driver, but having that job means it’s your responsibility to make sure you can drive safely – including not drinking any alcohol. A third of drink-drive accidents involve a driver under 25. Find out more about drinking and driving.

Penalty points

If you get 6 or more penalty points on your licence within 2 years of passing your practical test, you’ll lose your licence and you’ll have to reapply for your provisional licence. You’ll be a learner driver again and you’ll have to retake your theory and practical tests. Find out more about the new drivers rules at GOV.UK.

Penalty points can be given for all sorts of driving-related offences, such as speeding or driving dangerously.

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