The Official DVSA Theory Test for Approved Driving Instructors dvd-rom



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Prepare to pass the multiple choice part of your approved driving instructor (ADI) theory test first time with this exclusive DVD-ROM for PC and Mac.

Four reasons to buy it:

  1. Practice questions – includes hundreds of official DVSA theory test revision questions, all of which have been updated and rewritten to make them easier to understand
  2. Learn from the experts – DVSA, the people who set the tests. The questions are very similar to the ones you’ll get on your actual test
  3. Career development – lots of information about becoming a driving instructor and growing your career. The three parts of the ADI qualifying examination are explained in detail
  4. Clearly track your progress – it’s easy to see how much you’ve completed and how you’re doing, so you know when you’re ready to pass!

And there’s more:

  • Extra help to understand the answers – each question includes references to the official source material and recommended reading, where you can learn more. Highway Code references link directly to a digital version of The Official Highway Code, which is included as a free extra
  • Explains the latest changes to the test – the study section has been fully updated and explains the changes made to parts 2 and 3 of the ADI qualifying examination

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Publication date: 23/10/2017

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  • Operating system:
    • PC - Microsoft® Windows® 8 or higher
    • Mac - Mac OS X v10.6, or higher
  • CPU type and speed:
    • PC - 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor
    • Mac - Intel Core™ Duo or faster processor
  • Hard Drive: 850Mb minimum
  • Memory: 512MB (1GB recommended)
  • Display: 1024 x 768 or higher
  • DVD-ROM drive: Requires disc in drive to run
  • DVD-ROM speed: 4x or faster