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The Motorcycle Roadcraft e-learning platform allows you to access the content of Motorcycle Roadcraft anytime, anywhere. Featuring study sections, specially filmed video clips and quizzes, this is a powerful and flexible way to develop an understanding of police riding.

The platform’s advanced administrator features allow organisations to check employees’ progress on their learning journey.

Six reasons to buy it:


  1. Full text and images – the e-learning platform contains the full text and images from the latest edition of Motorcycle Roadcraft
  2. Exclusive video clips – nine exclusive videos demonstrate key manoeuvres, including the use of limit points and overtaking
  3. Interactive quizzes – at the end of each section, there are interactive quizzes for students to test their knowledge
  4. Administrator access – organisations can create an administrator account, which has access to a full audit trail of each employee’s progress
  5. Students can work at their own pace – a student licence lasts for 12 months from first log-in, allowing them to complete the course at their own pace
  6. Access the content from anywhere – the e-learning platform is internet-based and compatible with any device


To obtain a quote for a license to access the e-learning platform, email


  Base price Price per additional license (excl. VAT)
Single license £25 £25
Bulk purchases:
10 licenses £225 £22.50
25 licenses £500 £20
50 licenses £900 £18
100 licenses £1,500 £15
100+ licenses Price on request


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