Looking after your motorbike

Looking after your motorbike

Motorbikes have become much more reliable in recent years but routine maintenance is essential to keep your motorbike running safely and efficiently. Your motorbike handbook should contain details about what to do.

You should regularly check

  • the engine oil and coolant
  • the tyres
  • the brakes, shock absorbers and rear wheel alignment
  • the electrical equipment such as the lights, battery and horn
  • the chain and sprockets – make sure all the links are loose and that the sprockets aren’t worn.

Visit our Motorcylist Knowledge Centre for more tips about basic maintenance.

If you find any problems while you’re doing maintenance, make sure you get them fixed as soon as possible. Leaving a problem is likely to make it more expensive to fix and could cause an incident.

Don’t forget to look after your kit too: visors get scratched, zips get worn and stitching can come undone, all of which can compromise your safety and comfort.