Staying legal

Before you can ride on the road, there are some things you must do and have in place first, such as having a valid driving licence and a motorbike that’s taxed and registered with DVLA: Check what you must do to ride a motorbike legally on the road.

Number plates

Your motorbike must have a number plate showing that it’s been registered with DVLA. Find out the rules about displaying number plates on your motorbike.

You can buy a personalised number: see this guide on GOV.UK.

Quad bikes

You can only ride a quad bike on the road if it’s been approved, registered, taxed and MOT tested (if needed); most quad bikes cannot be ridden on the road because they do not meet road safety standards. To find out more about the rules on quad bikes, see GOV.UK.

National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme courses

If you’ve been invited to take a National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) course following a riding offence or disqualification, you can book a course at GOV.UK.

Fines and letters about a vehicle you do not own

Occasionally, letters about vehicles get sent to a previous owner or just to the wrong person: find out what to do if you receive a letter about a vehicle you do not own.

Medical conditions that affect your riding

Some health conditions can make it unsafe for you to ride and you may need to give up your licence. Check which medical conditions you need to tell DVLA about.

If you’re not allowed to ride anymore, find out how to give up your driving licence for medical reasons.

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