Learn the rules of the road for riders

Before you even get on a motorbike, it’s a good idea to start learning the rules of the road. The sooner you start learning about riding, the easier it’s likely to be.

The Official Highway Code

This is essential reading for all road users. Make sure you look at the current edition to get the up-to-date rules of the road and advice on road safety.

CBT and The Highway Code – it is essential when preparing for your CBT that you read and understand The Highway Code. This will help you put the rules of the road into practice during the practical elements of your course, before you begin the on-road training that is part of CBT.

If you have learned the theory side of learning to ride thoroughly, you will have more time to spend learning the practical parts of your training course and it’s less likely to be extended.

Riding Essential Skills

The Official DVSA Guide to Riding – the essential skills is a really useful and clear guide to the skills that will help you become a safe rider, including

  • good riding techniques
  • what to do in an incident, accident or emergency
  • maintenance and security
  • riding and the law
  • fuel-efficient riding.

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