Direct access scheme

You can get your full (category A) motorcycle licence using the direct access scheme (DAS) if you’re aged 24 or over. You’ll have to pass the motorcycle practical tests on a machine of at least 40 kW (53.6 bhp).

Taking direct access means you’ll have a full motorcycle licence without previously holding a licence for a smaller bike for 2 years – you’ll have no restriction on the size of machine you can ride.

While you’re practising for direct access, you can use any size of motorbike bigger than a learner motorbike but you must

  • be accompanied by a qualified approved trainer riding another motorbike and in radio contact with you
  • wear fluorescent or reflective safety clothing while you’re being supervised
  • have L plates (D plates in Wales) fitted
  • follow the provisional licence restrictions.

If you think DAS could be the best way for you to get your licence, speak to your trainer about it.

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