Enhance your skills

Further training

Passing your test is not the end of learning to ride a motorbike: it’s only the beginning. As you become more experienced, you’ll learn more about how to be a good motorcyclist, but you can also do more training to help you learn – and to bring down the cost of your insurance.

As with most skills, you’ll never finish learning about being a motorbike rider – there’s always something you could do better. Improving your skills will help to make you a safer rider too; given how vulnerable motorbike riders are, anything that improves your safety is a good thing.

Advanced riding courses

Some motoring organisations also offer further training and tests: use the links below to investigate which might suit you the best.

BikeSafe is a police-led scheme working to improve rider safety around the UK through workshops and events. For more information, see the BikeSafe website.

The enhanced rider scheme

Taking extra training after you’ve passed your test will help you get the most out of riding – whether you’ve passed recently, been riding for years, upgraded to a bigger motorbike or are returning to riding after a break.

The enhanced rider scheme is a training course aimed at all motorbike riders. It checks and improves your riding skills and confidence on the road. As well as making riding more enjoyable and safer, completing the scheme can give you discounts on your motorbike insurance.

The scheme starts with a rider assessment followed by personalised training, after which you’ll get a certificate of competence. If the rider assessment shows that you do not need any further training, you’ll be given the certificate straightaway.

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