ADI instructional ability test: preparation and booking

Part 3 of the test to qualify as an approved driving instructor (ADI) is designed to test your ability to instruct pupils to drive. It’s the final test before you can become an ADI.

You must pass the ADI Part 2 driving ability test before you can book the Part 3 test.

Remember: You’ll need to take your instructional ability test within 2 years of passing your theory test – otherwise your theory test pass certificate will expire.

The instructional ability test costs £111: for full details of the ADI test fees, visit GOV.UK

Preparing for your test

If you have a trainee driving instructor licence:

  • get as much practice teaching pupils as possible.
  • take some training from a driving instructor trainer.

There is also a list of recommended resources on our Are you ready to become an ADI page.

Booking your part 3 instructional ability test

Book your test using the official site, GOV.UK. If you use an unofficial site, you might pay more than you need to or you may not get a booking at all.

You can also use GOV.UK if you need to:

If you pass

Congratulations! You can now apply for your first approved driving instructor badge and join the ADI register, which costs £300.

Remember: You must apply for your badge within 12 months of passing the Part 3 test, otherwise you’ll have to pass all 3 qualifying tests again.

If you fail

You can take the test again if you fail it at your first or second attempt. If you fail the test a third time, you’ll have to retake and pass the theory test (ADI Part 1) before you can retake the Part 2 driving ability test and the Part 3 instructional ability test again.

You’ll have to wait 2 years from when you first passed the ADI Part 1 test before you can take it again.

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