Are you ready to become an HGV trainer?

Becoming a Driving Standards Agency registered heavy goods vehicle (HGV) instructor will demonstrate that you have the skills to train other people to drive an HGV.

You’ll need to have held a current full HGV licence for the category of lorry you’re instructing in for at least either

  • three years
  • one year and have had the equivalent full passenger-carrying vehicle licence for at least three years.

See the guide to becoming an HGV instructor on GOV.UK for full details including how to apply to join the register.

Getting qualified

When you’ve been accepted to start the qualifying process, you can start your training towards the three tests.

  • theory test
  • practical driving test
  • instructional ability test.

You’ll have to pass the tests in this order and you must pass them within a one-year period.

For more information about finding an HGV driving instructor, see:

National Vocational Driving Instructors Register

National Register of HGV Instructors

Supervising small lorry learners

If you want to supervise a small lorry (C1) learner driver, you must have a full licence for the same category of vehicle being driven by the learner. You must have had the licence for three years.

To find out more about supervising learners in a small lorry, see GOV.UK.

What does it cost to become an HGV trainer?

There are fees for each of the three tests and joining the register: see GOV.UK for details of the fees.

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