Using your driving instructor qualification

When you’ve passed all three driving instructor tests and you’ve got your approved driving instructor (ADI) badge, you can choose which direction you’d like your career to take.

Working for a large driving school or franchise

Many of the large driving schools will either employ ADIs or offer franchise packages, enabling you to set up your own driving school business quickly using an established name.

If you’re a franchisee you’ll have to pay a weekly fee to the franchising company; in return you’ll get benefits such as

  • regular replacement cars
  • continuing professional development
  • appointment-booking service
  • support with running your business.

You’ll need to teach enough lessons to cover the franchise fee, fuel costs and pay your own wages.

Working for an independent driving school

Instead of working within a large organisation, you can join an independent driving school operating locally. This type of company might be more flexible than a larger driving school and you’ll have the benefits of being employed, such as holiday and sick pay, rather than paying for a franchise. The driving school is also likely to provide a car.

Setting up your own business

Starting your own driving school will give you the most flexibility and control over how you run your business, but it also means you will not have the support that you’d get from being employed or running a franchise.

You’ll need to buy and maintain your own car with dual controls; you’ll also need to manage your own advertising and business development.

There are several national driving instructor organisations that can provide support and guidance including the ADI Federation, the Driving Instructors Association,  and the Motor Schools Association.

There’s more information to help you grow and develop your career in our Instructors section.

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