ADI resources

As an approved driving instructor (ADI), you can use the services on GOV.UK to help manage your licence and to book your pupils’ tests on their behalf. There are also additional resources to help you improve your teaching practice on the Despatch blog for driver and rider trainers.

Managing your ADI registration

You’re responsible for keeping your registration up to date when any of your details change, and for renewing it every 4 years.

Use these links to update your registration online.

The ADI registrar can suspend your registration if they think you pose a significant threat to public safety. If you’re suspended, you cannot be paid for giving driving lessons.

Use the guide on GOV.UK to check your rights if your ADI registration is suspended.

You can appeal against the decision of the ADI registrar if you disagree with it. See GOV.UK for more information about making an appeal.

Managing mock tests

DVSA have created some useful guidance to help you carry out mock driving tests.

You can also visit the DVSA Despatch blog for additional learning resources, including a webinar about mock driving tests.

Managing your pupils’ tests

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) provides an online business service through which you can book multiple tests, manage your availability for tests and view records of your business transactions.

Start using the DVSA online business service (GOV.UK).

You can register as a trainer or a business (GOV.UK) to allow you to book theory and practical tests for pupils online.

When you’ve registered you can

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