The Official DSA Guide to Riding - the essential skills (Book)


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Whether you're a learner, an experienced motorcyclist or an instructor, this comprehensive guide provides you with everything you need to know to learn and maintain safe riding skills for life.

5 reasons to buy it:

  • For your riding life - packed with loads of useful advice to help you stay safe on the roads; ideal for refreshing your knowledge before and after your test

  • For learners - key source of the questions and answers for the motorcycle theory test, study this text for complete test preparation

  • Riding techniques - information on essential riding skills including defensive riding

  • All conditions - including riding at night and in all weather conditions

  • Extra information - including new licensing regulations, vehicle maintenance and ecosafe riding.

More information

  • Improve your riding technique - includes essential riding techniques and defensive riding, bends and junctions, plus advice on riding on motorways, at night and in all weather conditions including fog, snow and ice

  • Be confident in any situation - includes advice on what to do in an incident or emergency, travelling through road works and congestion, and what to do if you break down

  • Theory test preparation - this is a key source material for the motorcycle theory test (alongside The Official Highway Code and Know Your Traffic Signs) - study this material to prepare fully for your test. It is referenced throughout the official theory test preparation materials

  • Save money and the environment - learn about ecosafe riding and how you can make your fuel go further, plus maintenance essentials

  • Specialist information - including riding in Europe.

The official route to Safe Riding for Life™ from the people who set the tests.

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Publication date: 22 Nov 2012