Some news about learner drivers and motorways


You may have heard that learners will be allowed to drive on UK motorways from the 4th June 2018. Sadly for the more eager readers of this blog, they’ll also need to be accompanied by a fully qualified driving instructor in a car equipped with dual controls. So don’t try and hassle your parents into taking you out on the motorway - they won’t be allowed.

Top strategies for successful city driving



Living in a city is just so convenient – there’s the access to pubs, places to eat, cinemas and busy roads … did I say busy roads? Well not ‘everything’ is great about city life. Sometimes you wish you could fly home over the endless steams of traffic queuing ahead of you.

Read all about the new driving test!

driver hand reaching for sat nav screen inside car


You may have heard a rumour that the driving test is changing. Well, it is indeed changing, and that means learner drivers in England, Scotland and Wales will have to deal with some new challenges!

Testing times

The new test begins on Monday 4 December 2017.* So, what will this mean for learner drivers taking their test on or after this date?


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