First experiences of driving

A young lad in white tshirt holds up his test pass certificate standing beside a blue car in residential street

First experiences of driving

My first experiences of driving were on our family holiday in France or Spain, go-karting. The most exciting place was racing on the main go-kart track adjacent to the famous Le Mans 24-hour circuit in France. I normally did OK and sometimes beat my dad who can be very competitive! 

How to dodge drinking as the designated driver

If you’ve read this blog before you’ll know we’re all about giving you tip-top advice. So carrying on in that great tradition, we’d like to talk about drink driving and how it can affect your career, your life and the lives of other people. 

Chariots of beer

Picture this: You’re on a night out with your mates, and you’re the ‘designated driver’ – the guy/girl who’s bravely decided to stick to mineral water while everyone else is downing pints. 

How to drive safely near schools


School patrol traffic warning sign


You may have noticed that the schools have gone back. Yes, the tell-tale signs are all there: stressed parents bundling their kids into the car, an increase in rush-hour traffic and the reappearance of school buses that stop in odd places to pick up and drop off their young passengers.


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