Some news about learner drivers and motorways


You may have heard that learners will be allowed to drive on UK motorways from the 4th June 2018. Sadly for the more eager readers of this blog, they’ll also need to be accompanied by a fully qualified driving instructor in a car equipped with dual controls. So don’t try and hassle your parents into taking you out on the motorway - they won’t be allowed.

The change only applies to learner drivers. Learner motorcyclists still won’t be allowed on motorways after the 4th June.

How will it all work?

It’s important to understand that motorway lessons will be voluntary, so you won’t be forced into driving on them if you don’t feel comfortable. To help you work out what’s right for you we recommend speaking to your driving instructor. Oh, and if you’re worried that you’ll have to drive on a motorway as part of your practical driving test then please don’t panic. Motorway driving isn’t being introduced to the driving test as part of this change.

I’m not a learner; do I need to know anything?

If you see learner drivers on the motorway, keep a safe distance from them. And increase your braking distance on wet or icy roads, or in fog. Remember you should always be patient with learners - they may not be so skillful at anticipating and responding to hazards as more experienced drivers.

In summary…

So in a nutshell they’re the new rules. They’ve been designed to give learner drivers broader experience before taking their driving test and help them through a lifetime of safe driving. For more information and resources:

  • Read some of our previous motorway driving blogs, they’re a great source of tips and advice
  • Take a look at this page on
  • Head over to the Safe Driving for Life shop and pick up a copy of the Motorway Driving ebook.  Designed for both experienced and learner drivers, it’s full of essential information and advice
  • Get yourself a copy of The Official DVSA Guide to Better Driving. It’s packed with strategies to help people cope with challenging driving situations – the perfect solution if the thought of motorway driving makes you anxious