Accompanying a Learner Driver DVSA Safe Driving for Life Series ebook



Are you teaching your child, partner or someone you know how to drive? Do you know what skills learner drivers need to master in order to drive safely and confidently and pass today’s driving test? Accompanying a Learner Driver, from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency(DVSA), has everything you need to know to support someone who’s learning to drive, giving them important skills and knowledge needed to pass their test first time!

This expert mini guide covers essential topics such as journey planning, practising manoeuvres and handling different scenarios, and provides additional help and advice on insurance, buying a car and post-test practice. There’s also a handy section on defusing difficult situations – perfect if you’re worried about keeping your cool.

Designed to fully complement the work of an approved driving instructor (ADI), this mini guide will give you all the information you need to ensure that the learning journey is a successful and safe experience. As an experienced driver, this guide will enable you to refresh your knowledge and skills too!

5 reasons to download it:

  • Legal – what you need to have in order to accompany a learner
  • Safety – learn how to keep  you  and your  learner safe
  • Today’s driving test – help your learner grasp the essential skills they’ll need to pass their test and drive safely with our fully-illustrated guide
  • Top tips – links to other helpful resources, as well as insider tips and advice from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) – the people who set the tests
  • Lifelong learning – indispensable advice on how to help your learner stay safe on the roads for life.

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